Vitamin D3 1000iu with K2 orange mango lozenges (also suitable for children)

Vitamin D3 1000iu with K2 orange mango lozenges (also suitable for children)

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Why use the vitamin forms D3? – We use D3 in all our vitamin D supplements as it is the body’s preferred form being the same form as is naturally produced by the body in response to sunlight.

What are the benefits of vitamin D? – Vitamin D has a number of recognised health benefits. Adequate levels of vitamin D are necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system. Our bones and our teeth require good levels of vitamin D for optimum mineralisation, and it plays a crucial role in the utilisation of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D is also required for normal muscular function. It also is necessary for cell division, and therefore important to every single cell in the body!

Why chose this Vitamin D? It's high dose - one delicious dissolving lozenge delivers 1000iu of vitamin D3 made with cholecalciferol (the most bio-available form). Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol is the best absorbed and utilised form for the body to use. 

It's sublingual (meaning 'under the tongue') as a suck-able lozenge so it absorbs straight into your bloodstream, giving it greater absorbency making it far more effective.

It is the only lozenge on the market made with NATURAL STEVIA which is a natural plant based sweetener (no nasties or neurotoxic sweeteners), and stevia is the least disruptive for the body; maintaining blood sugar balance and its’ easy on the tummy!

It tastes great, made with natural mango and orange flavouring.  It’s gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians.

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